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CAFFEO­® Barista® TS

The barista for your workplace.

Coffee is much more than just a hot drink. Real coffee gourmets value the varied aromas and and the many different ways of making coffee. For these gourmets, Melitta has produced the Caffeo Barista TS, an appliance with an exclusive design, which also impresses by being really convenient and easy to use  The innovative Automatic Bean Select, active bean monitoring, 18 varieties of coffee and the illuminated All-in-one-Outlet are just a few of the many features of this Barista for your workplace

Machine Key Features

Recipe book feature

You love good espresso and other classic coffees, but you also enjoy exclusive coffee specialities such as a flat white or an americano? You have the choice between 18 varieties of coffee, which can be called up from the menu really easily..

18 recipes

Original Preparation Process

Barista Know-how: To make coffee according to the original recipe, getting the ingredients in the right order is crucial. So for example when making a latte macchiato it is important to pour the espresso after the milk and the frothed milk so that it creates a fine layer in between.


Automatic Bean Select

For real coffee gourmets a coffee bean is not just a coffee bean. Each coffee has its own bouquet, crema, acid and many other facets. Automatic Bean Select always chooses the right bean from two different types for your coffee speciality – for coffee enjoyment just like from the professionals.


Active Bean Monitoring

Thanks to active bean monitoring the CAFFEO Barista® TS will let you know in good time when your coffee beans are running out. So you can always refill before the grinder runs on empty.

active bean

Touch & Slide

The innovative Touch & Slide feature makes an aesthete’s heart beat a little faster. By gently touching the sensors you can simply and conveniently set and operate the CAFFEO Barista®. 


All-in-one Outlet with LED-Illumination

Coffee, milk, frothed milk and hot water – thanks to the All-in-one-Outlet you don’t need to move your cup here and there, no matter which ingredients you like in your favourite coffee. Height adjustable to 140 mm, even tall glasses for latte macchiato have plenty of space. 


Double Cup Mode

The Double Cup Mode allows you to enjoy double coffee enjoyment without moving the cups – for latte macchiato, cappuccino and many other coffee varieties.


Easy Steam Cleaning

As well as the integrated programme to thoroughly clean the milk system, Easy Steam Cleaning means you can quickly and hygienically clean in between times: parts in contact with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam – if you prefer after every cup of coffee or call up separately using the menu.


My Coffee Memory

Coffee strength, brewing temperature, the right amount of coffee, milk/frothed milk or hot water: The My Coffee Memory feature saves the individual preferences of up to four people for all available varieties of coffee – call up conveniently using the names you have set.




24 month or 15000 cups warranty
Detachable water tank 1.8 L, with automatic water quantity control
Water hardness programmable
Hot water dispense
Stainless steel grinder, three stage adjustable in grinding fineness
Detachable brewing unit with pre-brewing programme
Four different brewing strengths selectable
Three different brewing temperatures programmable
Extra compartment for ground coffee
Coffee grounds container capacity: 12-14 portions
1.500 watts peak power
Colour silver/black, black and white
Size (height x width x depth in mm): 352 x 255 x 473
Water quantity freely adjustable from 30 to 220 ml
Water hardness programmable
Hot water dispense
Stainless steel grinder, three stage adjustable in grinding fineness
Materials in high gloss design
Colour silver/black, black and white


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