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Caffeo® Varianza® CSP

The innovation for an unlimited variety of indulgence.

With the new fully automatic coffee machine Caffeo® Varianza®Melitta offers you real innovation. The exclusive single portion system My Bean Select® makes it possible, for the first time, to choose cup for cup from the whole variety of coffee beans at any time – giving you a limitless variety of flavours.

Machine Key Features

My Bean Select®

The My Bean Select® gives you a free choice of coffee beans from the whole variety available with every new cup of coffee. As well as the standard bean container (125 g capacity), with this innovation you can try out different kinds of beans with each individual cup. It’s really simple with the practical measuring spoon, which is integrated in the bean container. Simply pour the required quantity of your choice of coffee beans into the bean chute, press the button and enjoy new types of coffee.

Best Aroma System PLUS

The Aromasafe® seal on the bean container means that the diverse flavours and aromas of your coffee beans are even better protected. The Bean to Cup feature means that only the amount of coffee beans you need are freshly ground and then the ground coffee is immediately brewed. The grinder runs until empty each time to prevent mixing different types of bean. The unique pre-brewing and extraction process (A.E.S.) ensures that the coffee flavour develops perfectly.


Compact construction, modern design

The Caffeo® Varianza® sets new standards for compactness. The cubic form is visually impressive and is so compact that you can find the ideal place for it anywhere.

One Touch Feature

Whether you want one of the programmed varieties of coffee, warm milk, frothed milk or hot water – pour your favourite drink with just one touch.

10 varieties of coffee

Thanks to the product buttons you can call up the 4 classics – espreso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a single button. Using the recipe feature you can create 6 further coffee specialities: ristretto, lungo, americano, espresso macchiato, café latte, café au lait.

Original Preparation Process

For coffee specialities prepared with the correct order of ingredients, in accordance with the original Italien recipes: So for latte macchiato the espresso ist added only after the frothed milk and milk. For cappuccino, the espresso is poured before the frothed milk.

TFT colour display

The high resolution TFT colour display allows for intuitive operation for maximum ease of use. The self-explanatory step-by-step instructions leaf you through the menu.

All In-One outletwith LED illumination

The All-In-One outlet with two nozzles for coffee and one nozzle for millk, frothed milk and hot water makes an end of moving cups here and there. The pleasant LED illumination shows your favorite coffee in the best light. Height adjustable to 135mm, even high latte macchiato glasses have enough space.

Double Cup Mode

Pour two fresh cups of coffee at once.

Easy Steam Cleaning

As well as the integrated programme to thoroughly clean the milk system, Easy Steam Cleaning means you can quickly and hygienically clean in between times: parts in contact with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam – if you prefer after every cup of coffee or call up separately using the menu.

Auto Clean & Descaling

The Caffeo® Varianza® automatically indicates in the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled. The cleaning or descaling programme is simple to call up in the menu..

Brewing unit can be removed at the side

The practical and user-friendly removal of the brewing unit makes it easy to clean. The interior of the machine can also be cleaned.

Technical Specs

24 month or 15000 cups warranty
Dimensions (H x W x D) 405 mm x 253 mm x 380 mm
Pump pressure 15 bar
Water tank capacity 1.2 L
Bean container: 125g
Weight: 8.7Kg
Cup warmer
Milk frothing automatic
Adjustable grind
Adjustable coffee strength
External milk container
Colour silver/black, black

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